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Battening All The Hatches I Can Find

See that up there? That’s the most useful forecast product in the weather game — the 48 hour, hour-by-hour breakdown of what’s happening in your neighborhood, from the National Weather Service. They’re not hyping numbers to get you to tune in and they don’t have bozos in logo parkas out in the slop for live updates on the eights. They measure success not by eyeballs, but by how accurate they are.

If you’re curious how it’s gonna be for wherever you are, go here, punch in your ZIP code, and scroll down to hourly weather forecast graph. Personally, it’s gonna be a bear around here, and so if I don’t post in a timely fashion, please forgive me in advance.

As for today, it’s the 20th, and I’ll admit that this iteration of the F-Six hasn’t gathered the attention that previous ones did¹, but still thanks to Ben Cordes and anonymous, there will be US$100 donated to the DC March For Our Lives, and another US$100 to the Parkland March For Our Lives. On a day when there was another godsdamned school shooting, it seems the very least that we can do.

Spam of the day:

Xeophin is currently undertaking a cryptocurrency raise to restructure our company and undertake the first Biotech ICO powered by Blockchain.

Got news for you, Bunky: your blockchain don’t mean shit with respect to finding new drugs, and as somebody who’s had rheumatoid arthritis kill people near to me, I’m insulted that you’re implying your scam initial coin offering has anything to do with treating that hideous disease. Fuck off.

¹ In fact, it’s been a decline with each new charity campaign — I get it, and I’m not mad.

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