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T+59 Minutes And A Coping Strategy

So here we are; my plan for the day is to play the video above on repeat and to give away some money¹. I’m posting in advance of making the donations so that you can see where the cash is going, and I will update with receipt images later.
[Editor’s note: updated; see the links in the last table.]

The Fleen Fight For Fungible Futures Fund saw donations in support of 12 organizations for a total of US$6409. The totals received were:

American Civil Liberties Union 2929
Brennan Center for Justice 40
Campaign Zero 150
Electronic Frontier Foundation 40
International Rescue Committee 185
NAACP Legal Defense Fund 155
National Resources Defense Council 190
Planned Parenthood 2190
Pro Publica 40
Sacred Stone Camp’s GoFundMe 110
Syrian Civil Defense / The White Helmets 75
The Trevor Project 305

I hate to see anybody getting less than US$200, so I rounded everything up to that minimum:

American Civil Liberties Union 2929
Brennan Center for Justice 200
Campaign Zero 200
Electronic Frontier Foundation 200
International Rescue Committee 200
NAACP Legal Defense Fund 200
National Resources Defense Council 200
Planned Parenthood 2190
Pro Publica 200
Sacred Stone Camp’s GoFundMe 200
Syrian Civil Defense / The White Helmets 200
The Trevor Project 305

And heck, I pledged up to US$10,000 and I have a fetish for round numbers, so let’s round things up again:

The Six-F thanks (in no particular order) Magnolia Porter, Mary Roth, Auilix, Bree, Matt Kuhns, Lia Herriott, Sean Kleefeld, Dave Kellett, Roo Khan, Red Wombat Studio, Mark V, Pierre Lebeaupin, Stephanie, Frank Gibson, Pamela and Kurt Mosiejczuk, CK, JB, and additional donors that wished to remain anonymous.

It’s not enough, but it’s a start. Take care, stay safe, help each other.

Spam of the day:

gary.tyrrell Get Your Trump Coin While You Still Can!

I might believe your attempt to get me to spend waaay too much money on an ugly-ass limited edition Trump Commemorative Coin that makes a great gift for family, friends, and co-workers if not for the fact that the very next email from the same spammers contained the subject line


Well, that and the fact that any family, friends, or co-workers I gave one of those coins to would punch me in the face and rightly so.

¹ Also, I have to take a dog poop sample to the vet, which seems somehow appropriate to where we are as a society now.

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