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MoCCA 2017 Will Have To Wait

That’s because things that are more time-sensitive than MoCCA Fest 2017 recaps happened since last we spoke.

Okay, one tidbit from MoCCA, but mostly because it’ll make FSFCPL happy. Thanks to the good graces of :01 Books editor Mark Siegel I was very briefly introduced to the marvelous Pénélope Bagieu, who was promoting her newest book. Siegel shared :01 will be publishing an English omnibus of her two-volume collection, Les Culottées. The American edition will be titled Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked The World (available March 2018), and :01 is pretty much her American publisher going forward. Now if they can just get Boulet’s Notes series, I can die happy.

Spam of the day:

Our team works hard everyday to ensure that we are providing the best possible service for all our customers.
Cordially, Derek Customer Service Representative, Slut Roulette

Man, Derek’s got the best business card ever.

¹ Whom I had never met before; we had a lovely bar-shout/chat, more discussion the next day, and will undoubtedly have more to discuss at the Alaska Robotics Comics Camp later this month.

² That reminds me: Otter, I spent some time at MoCCA talking with George O’Connor, and he’s going to be looking up Greek Key because he really liked your take on Helen. He’s also all-in on your next Hope Blackwell novel because I mentioned the magic word: chupacabra.

You bet it’s making me happy, because it confirms that it’s a good idea for me to help introducing works or creators before it’s obvious that they are of interest for English-language readers: because by the time that becomes obvious, Fleen readers are already best-informed about them. Case in point:

– A mere two weeks after Maliki was introduced here, they announce their intent, unprecedented in French-Belgian comics, to become independent of their publishers, starting with a crowdfunding drive so unprecedented in its scale that it is best thought of as the equivalent of Randall Milholland’s historic donation drive.
– Three months after we first introduced Laurel and Comme Convenu, it turns out she is looking for a translator to publish the story in English.
– And after we recently introduced Les Culottées (also, two ts, dammit), we find out it’s going to be published stateside.

Spelling fixed; my pronunciation and listening comprehension in French are pretty marginal, and my spelling is worse!

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