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Long Runners Are Getting To Be A Habit Around Here

This day in Great Outdoor Fight history: We see how fallen fighters are removed from The Acres.

  • Speaking of, Happy Birthday to the nearest thing this broken world will ever have to a real-life amalgam of Achewood characters, KC Green. He is the best parts of the entire cast except Pat, because Pat’s a jerk and KC is no jerk. Celebrate with some of his comics, or perhaps by pre-ordering Graveyard Quest.
  • TCAF announced its second lineup of special guests today, and oh boy is this one talent-heavy show. You got your Boulet (appearing in conjunction with the launch of the English translation of his 10-volumes-and-counting Notes series), you got your Faith Erin Hicks (launching the first volume of a new trilogy from :01 Books), you got your Emi Lenox (launching a new boo, Plutona, co-created with Jeff Lemire), and I guess that means you also got your Jeff Lemire (also launching the second print collection of Descender).

    In addition, the very international character of TCAF’s guest list is on full display, with creators from Germany, Portugal, Japan, Italy, and the very odd lands of Canada and New Jersey [NB:; no link since I’m getting a security warning, but you can visit if you like]. TCAF runs at the Toronto Reference Library on 14 and 15 May.

  • It’s Big Round Number season in webcomics — 4000-plus for R Stevens, 5000-plus for Jennie Breeden, and now 5400-plus for Brad Guigar, taking 14 February as the 16th anniversary of his descent into madness pro cartooning, and counting up contributions from five different series plus Patreon naughties and miscellaneous strips that may not rise to level of ongoing series yet.

    The race is not always to the swift nor the battle to the strong, but I think you can bet that cartooning success goes to whoever is stubborn enough to keep improving, keep showing up every day, and to keep developing a laugh that will frighten off scavengers in the night. Happy Big Round Numberday, Brad!

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Hello Stella. it’s Mike. can you please send my photos from Jake’s wedding? thanks.

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