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This Feels Entirely Right And Correct

Which is to say, the update last week that Octopus Pie had resurfaced with a Where are they now? epilogue chapter has generated more interest than anything else posted here in a long while. People really got invested in the lives of those Brooklyn folks. And if by chance you didn’t see that earlier post, get on that! Eve, Hannah, and the others are a’waiting for you.

Now a quick note — posting this week may be spotty, as my dog has injured herself and needs some careful observation and restrictions on her movement for the next three weeks. Hopefully we’ll have a routine down pretty quickly, but right now it’s a negotiation¹. If you didn’t see my Twitterfeed, my greyhound — a dog designed over thousands of years to run — ran a bunch on Saturday and in the process injured her neck. She’s on drugs and motion restrictions, which with any luck will prevent the need for MRIs and more intensive therapies.

You broke yourself doing what you’re supposed to do. You got beat up by a dog half your size. I am not sure you know how to dog, Dog. No more chasing Border Collies for you, ever. Send your good thoughts her way, as she’s presently tripping on pain meds and can probably hear you along with the movement of individual atoms at the moment.

Spam of the day:

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Do I look like the financial equivalent of Ryan North? No? So why are you bothering me about financial holes?

¹ Which means the meds will probably help her feel better almost immediately and she’ll start to pretend to be injured to scam more treats from us. She’s a sneaky one.

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