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This Is Weirdly Resonant

So about the time that I was writing about Ryan North starring in a webcommerical for arguably terrible computer vendor Lenovo, North was answering a philosophical question. Namely, Can Ryan North, a giant of a man, find a hole so deep that he cannot get out of it? The answer apparently being Yup, for about 40 minutes, which was Storified for the historical record.

That would not be the end of it.

The Internet, having been entranced by North’s ordeal (we do, as a culture, seem to have a fascination with people stuck in holes), was not letting go. First The Guardian reported it as a fairly straight news item, almost no smirk detectable. The Toronto Star joined in this morning, and a text adventure produced last night allows you to replay the entire thing ZORK style. As usual, the final word was provided by Rich Stevens, who noted that North got into the hole with his faithful hound Noam Chompsky:

@ryanqnorth The fact that your dog stood by and let you fall down the well leads me to believe his philosophy is …


Now let’s all put our heads down and think about this for a while.

In other news:

  • Dammit, a program at TopatoCon that I was really looking forward to (cf: yesterday) is canceled due to the presenters not being able to attend. We’ll miss you, Chris and Benjamin. Now, because I am helpful, and because I have spent a number of years slowly learning from one of the best bartenders in the business, I’m willing to volunteer to fill in for Ben & Chris and run the session on the history, theory, and practice of cocktails. There will be a number of people at TopatoCon who are at least as knowledgeable about mixed drinks as I am, and I’m sure we can do a credible job. Showrunners, how about it? Let’s save Boozemas!
  • While we’re talking about comics and drinks, you’ll find both at the Cartoon Art Museum’s Night of 1000 Sketches, a fundraiser to benefit their move/celebration of 14 years at their location in The Mission. Artists from around the Bay Area will be drawing (and drinking), sketching for attendees in exchange for donations (US$10 and up) to the moving fund. Details on tickets and such will be forthcoming, but the date will be Thursday, 10 September, so mark that on your calendar now.

Spam of the day:

Make all your fantasies come true. Personal Preview expires 08/18/15
Ashley Madison is the top rated married-dating company in the U.S., dedicated to your pleasure.
PS: We have been featured in Maxim, USA Today, and Sports Illustrated!

I know that I mentioned this particular spam earlier, but given that the 10GB data dump of Ashley Madison’s userbase occurred earlier today, this is an especially bad time to be trying this particular attempt to … what? Get me to sign up to an entirely insecure service?

Oh, and that PS should include other locations you’ve been features, like Krebs On Security, Techdirt, and the twitterfeed of Securitay. Sucks to be you.

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