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Nothin’ But Good News Today

On a Monday, no less! Maybe it has to do with the mood elevation that comes from watching Screamy Orange Grandpa realize that he’s being booed by an entire sports stadium, over and over. There will be an explosion of tweetarrhea to punish us all later, I’m certain, but for now all is just a little bit better. Let’s keep that positive feeling going.

There’s just something about webcomics that causes some folks to end up with closely-matching birthdays: Ryan North and John Allison, Dylan Meconis and Katie Lane¹, Jeffrey and Holly Rowland, Jon Rosenberg and some hack webcomics pseudojournalist. And yes, I know the math about cohort sizes and likelihood that two people in the same group will have the same birthday², but let us just admit that it’s neat.

Today, we get to wish Happy Birthdays³ to two more stellar creators, who have produced some of my favorite books in the past couple of years.

On the one hand: Molly Knox Ostertag, creator of the Witch Boy series (the concluding entry in which is due next week) and How The Best Hunter In The Village Met Her Death, artist on Strong Female Protagonist and Shattered Warrior, and soon to be traumatizer of children.

On the other hand: Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, creator of stellar shorter works (a collection of which was just Kickstarted and will be shipping soon), artist on Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me, multiple brick-haver, and owner of dangerous earrings.

They are both celebrating their respective births today, and I am so, so glad that we all get to live in a time when their work is widely available and justly lauded. Their comics are so different from what so many people would have you believe are real comics, and the current Golden Age we are seeing in comics at present is in no small part due to the efforts of them and their contemporaries. They are rad ladies and I can’t wait to see what they have produced in their 20s, but into their 30s and 40s and beyond. They’re both only going to get better. Happy Birthday, Rosemary and Molly!

One more thing, since we’re in a good mood: Alison Wilgus announced the official book launch event for her most recent graphic novel (Chronin volume 2: The Sword In Your Hand, a review of which I need to compose after giving it another read or three; it’s heady stuff, and stays with you) today, and maybe you get to attend:

NEXT THURSDAY is the official book debut event for Chronin Volume 2, hosted by the amazing @KinokuniyaUSA store here in NYC! I’ll do a quick presentation about my process, sign books, and generally be VERY happy to have all of Chronin out in the world! …

I’m going to do my best to attend, both because I love the book and wish to help Wilgus celebrate, and because it’s been too long since I’ve been to Kinokuniya in Midtown (I used to work about two blocks from there, and haven’t been in since I developed my fountain pen habit). So with any luck I’ll see you at 6th Ave between 40th and 41st — across from Bryant Park — at 6:00pm on 7 November, with my copy of Chronin in hand. In the meantime, everybody feel good for Alison, not only for this book release, but for the great editing job she’s been doing on the Adventure Zone graphic novels.

Spam of the day:

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¹ Light-ning Law-yer!!

² By the time you’ve got 23 people in a group, the chances of two of them having the same birthday is already greater than 50%. Besides Jon, I knew one guy in high school with my birthday and since I started in EMS two other people that joined my agency had my same birthday, and one more not only lived in the house I lived in when I was 5, but sleeps in my old bedroom. COINCIDENCE??

Yes. Coincidence.

³ Happys Birthday? Happy Birthsday?

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