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The Thing That Always Surprises Me? How Recent It All Is

Go here and give the creator of Question Hound your money, not those who think it's up for grabs.

I mean, when KC Green first drew Question Hound on fire in his house, that was a seminal moment in internet rough laugh-chuckles, right? It’s always been there, part of the background of online culture since small times, right?

Nope. 2013. By the time the political conventions came around and The Nib paid Green to respond when the Republican Party tried to jump on the meme-wagon, it just felt like those two panels had been around forever. And that, per New York Magazine in their profile of Green and his efforts to keep some control over his creation, was the proverbial final straw.

We don’t often know where memes come from. We don’t often remember that an actual human had the thought, and the skill to commit it to a medium that we can partake in. Sometimes that ignorance means that somebody else grabs the joke and makes a killing and gets all I made this about it. Hell, what with Disney’s approach to intellectual property — cough, cough, Jungle Taitei — it’s practically expected.

But Green’s got a legion of fans that call out when people use his stuff. He’s got takedown letters for Zazzle and Etsy and wherever bootlegs show up. He’s got a merch company that will help him turn the tables on thieves by making the stuff that they think they can sell and selling it himself after he gets their stuff taken down for infringement. And heck, having a big enormo Kickstart don’t hurt for establishing the legitimacy of your control of what you made.

It’s a never-ending process, but Green’s more associated with This Is Fine than Kate Beaton is with I Had Fun Once And It Was Awful, or Matt Furie was with Pepe (at least, until he starting suing MAGA CHUDs and winning). Heck, he still has his association with Dick Butt, though he’s decidedly more cool about that.

Anyway, take ten minutes and read the story. It’s the story of a man who finds essential, funny truths, and has the tenacity of the cockroach when others try to claim his insight for their own profit. It’s a good one. Then go take a gander at today’s BACK, it’s full of sincerity.

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