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That Guy Just Can’t Win

And by That Guy, I mean Alex Jones, who has a history of losing (or at least settling and admitting he was wrong) when his bluster and terrible behavior actually arrives in court. Matt Furie, on the other hand, is now two-for-two in his efforts to take various MAGA types and CHUDs to task for turning his cartoon frog into a symbol of white supremacy and Nazism.

You may recall that Furie sued a guy that appropriated Pepe to use in an anti-Muslim children’s book¹ and forced him to give up all his ill-gotten gains — and then contributed it all to CAIR, which was a rather nice fuck you to the haters. In March of last year, he filed suit against Jones for selling a poster that featured Pepe. Given that Jones sits atop a questionable-supplement-fueled media empire and no doubt has lawyers on speed-dial to deal with all the shady shit he gets up to, I had some fleeting concerns about Furie’s chances of success.

Then I remembered it’s Alex Jones, nightmare client who never shuts up or stops his clownery, and waited for the inevitable:

Fringe conspiracy-theory outlet InfoWars settled a lawsuit Monday over their use of cartoon character “Pepe the Frog,” paying $15,000 to Pepe’s creator and promising never to use the cartoon again.

To be precise, Jones and InfoWars had to fork over the US$14 grand they’d made on the poster, and another US$1000 just because. Jones and his lawyer, who apparently want to project an image where writing a check with three zeroes is insignificant, are calling it [Wayback Machine, not Jones’s site] a tiny amount and speculating that Furie spent over a million in legal fees, ignoring the whole bit where Furie was represented pro bono.

They’re … not very smart. And considering that Jones is about to be deposed in the suit that Sandy Hook parents have filed because he’s made their lives a living hell just because, here’s hoping that he keeps up the bluster, the bravado, the general dissociation from reality, and brings all of that with him into his sworn testimony, because being him is going to damage the hell out of his case.

Furie is donating the extra US$1000 of Alex Jones’s money to amphibian conservation group Save The Frogs.

In other news, Boulet is at the Annency Festival of animation and is sharing his experiences via Twitter. Day one in French and English, with more presumably forthcoming. Speaking of French festivals, Lyon BD Festival was this past weekend, and our own Fleen Senior French Correspondent Pierre Lebeaupin was there. We’ll share his reports starting tomorrow.

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¹ ‘Cause your kids won’t hate who you hate without proper indoctrination, I guess.

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