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Some Days, The Obvious Story Gets Displaced …

… but it all goes back to The Nib.

Today was gonna be easy; I was going to point you to the first strip Rich Stevens has done (so far!) for the recently-revived, back-from-the-conventions The Nib. Then the subject of said strip went and one-upped things. The was only one possible response, and then the horde of people who don’t get humor descended and Stevens mined the funny, even managing to drop in a link to his store. It was beautiful.

And this Best Use Of The Internet lasted mere hours until KC Green provided the definitive, final refutation of his most famous strip (and all the mutated, meme-y variations on it) today, also at The Nib. This Is Not Fine is a brilliant encapsulation of the times and all the feelings we have about This Year¹. And then, again, the new summit was topped, because there’s only one place you can go from This Is Not Fine — plushes.

In the roughly hour and a half since the Kickstarter went live, the campaign has exceeded goal by more than five grand. Make that seven, since I started typing this post. Annnd work interrupted and it’s now three hours in, and we’re at more than double the US$35,000 goal². Buy two — one for yourself, and one for the human trashfire you know that’s insisting all is fine when things are not fine.

And if we’re all very good, maybe Green will do a stretch goal, or a second campaign to make a variant Question Hound, one that looks downtrodden or has a fire extinguisher like we saw today.

Spam of the day:

[Russian characters –> Google Translate –> You deserve to get married to a reliable, successful man. All in your hands!

Gay marriage became mandatory so gradually, I never really noticed.

¹ Seriously, 2016, what exactly is your deal?

² Specifically, as I update this line immediately before hitting publish, US$87,934 from 2461 backers. The Fleen Funding Formula (Mark II) may well prove useless, as it appears that most everybody who wants one of these bad boys is getting it in the opening hours.

A’course, in San Diego Kel McDonald said that in her experience the first three days = 1/3 your total funding, which will put Green well over a quarter-million, and we’re not even a quarter of a day in yet. Yikes!

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