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That Sumbitch

Ever had somebody deceive you on an almost molecular level? To let you believe something not true because it suited their plan? It stings, my friends. It stings.

Not long ago, we at Fleen noted that longtime webcomicker Christopher Hastings was getting back in the game, got us all excited-like for five new comics, and let us go on about how it was five new stories.

Then Woodsman! got knocked over a cliff and heard screaming, and Magical Merlin chased a decaying, screaming corpse directly into the path of … Woodsman! in an apparent crossover. And then Queen Of Clubs wasn’t Queen Of Clubs at all, but instead he dropped the reveal that five comics are actually one.

Oh, uh, spoiler alert, I guess.

I can’t be too aggrieved, I suppose, given that when Hastings lets things get weird, hilarity generally results. And hell, I should be grateful for anything that I get from him on a daily (up until now, but perhaps not now that the unification has taken place) basis, when he could be working on Gwenpool¹, his comedy writing/performance, or who knows what other creative projects².

But mostly, I’m mad at myself for not seeing it coming. In retrospect it makes perfect sense. I’ve got no cause to be annoyed with Hastings, but I’m going to anyway (primarily because I suspect that will amuse him to no end). So, to sum:

Get caught up now before he goes and shifts the premise entirely again.

Spam of the day:

BED BATH and BEYOND: Love them? Hate them?

Can’t say I’ve ever really had strong feelings one way or the other about BB&B. Now Linens ‘N’ Things, that’s a store to have opinions about.

¹ Which remains great and plays with not only the conventions of superhero stories, but the very nature of comics structure, while simultaneously being full of laugh-chuckles.

² He up to some 10,000 words in NaNoWriMo as of end-of-day yesterday.

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