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Welcome Return

It’s been a bleak year, not helped by the fact that just prior to the initiation of the worst timeline, Christopher Hastings wrapped up The Adventures Of Dr McNinja, depriving us of an increasingly deep (not to mention deeply weird, in the best sense of the word) webcomic after eleven and a half years.

Those of us that buy Gwenpool have kept up with his current comics work (and you guys, it is so good, playing with the nature of comic book reality in very smart, very innovative ways), but that’s once a month. We’ve needed a regular fix from ol’ Doc Hastings. Wait, what’s this?

Oh gosh, what is this: @hastingsfunnies

Hello, I am drawing webcomics again. More info to come. @hastingsfunnies

It seems that Ol’ Doc Hastings has heard our pleas and decided to get back into webcomicking. It further seems that he’s chosen Twitter as a distribution venue, rather that having a website or even a Tumblr. Innnteresting as Bugs Bunny might say. I’m particularly wondering how the idea of an archive will be implemented.

Since that first tweet yesterday, it’s two updates for two days, leading one to hope that there will be many comics from Hastings, and they will (I suspect) start to tie together. A wizard¹ puzzles over a spell; an old couple halfway flirts; it screams scene set-up without giving anything away. Of course, Hastings is very, very good at making seemingly offhand remarks pay off much later (sometimes a decade or more), so I just know that these characters are Up To Something, we just don’t know what yet.

Based on his long career of great comics, @hastingsfunnies gets added to the blogroll without the customary proving period; I have complete faith that Ol’ Doc Hastings will keep us coming back for the next installment for the next forever.

Spam of the day:

Get Your Mobility Back

Godsdammit, spammers, I am not in the market for a knock-off Rascal™ brand mobility scooter. I get around on my own two feet just fine. It’s Tuesday, which means tonight is EMS duty night, which means I’ll probably be carrying a large person down the stairs, even!

¹ Aside: Does anybody draw crazy eyebrows as good as Christopher Hastings?

No. No, they do not.

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