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He’s particularly pleased with how the wine rendered…

Well, if Paul Southworth hasn’t managed to completely destroy all of my journalistic credibility with his fiascos and snarkery, then hopefully some of you all will read the following interview with David C. Simon, who creates Crimson Dark.

Update: Crimson Dark and David are part of Nightgig

All Webcomics Journalists Lie

Editor’s note: It seems that there is an interview this week, Jeff‘s assertions to the contrary notwithstanding. Everybody thank Fleen Guest Interviewer Paul Southworth for stepping up to the plate, and turning the tables. Looks like another Southworth-related dollar will be hitting the mail this week.

Paul Southworth: Why interview webcomic artists? Did you already talk to every parking lot attendant and janitor in the world? Or do you just have a thing for high school sophomores who think they can draw anime and clumsy gaming references?

Jeff Lowrey: Because if I’m going to pretend to be a journalist, webcomics is about the least important thing I can possibly be a journalist on, and interviews are part of journalism.

Southworth: Have you ever learned something about an artist or writer you couldn’t publish? Can you go into detail about what kind of animal it was, and how Dave Kellett managed to escape criminal prosecution?

Lowrey: Spike refused to answer a couple of questions for the official interview, but provided subtext answers for them otherwise. Dave Kellett is and was “on the lamb” in more senses than one, and we’re all just counting the days until the cows come home.


No Interview this week

I was too distracted by the SuperBowl to conduct an interview.

Sorry. Next week, for sure.

A Spectre is Haunting Europe

Hey gang, it’s interview time again!

Today, I’m speaking with the creator of Goodbye Chains, Ms. Alice Hunt.

As I suspected; listening is optional

He makes a rich woman beg, he makes a good woman steal..

He’ll make an old woman blush, he’ll make a young woman squeal…

Ladies and gentelmen, today and for one night only, I give you the fabulous, sexy, astounding, Mr. Paul SOUTHWORTHHHHHHH

Sex and Wiz Rollins? I’m So There

To start off the new-year, I decided to interview Wiz Rollins of Bad Shape and Yirmumah. This is gracious of Wiz, especially when most of his time is consumed with writing comics and straight chillin’.

Fleen: First off, I understand that you are now writing for Yirmumah. What is it like to work with D.J. Coffman?

Rollins: Contrary to internet lore, D.J.’s a pretty easy cat to get along with. He’s straight forward and willing to try new things-so long as there’s a good reason for the newness. I mean, if I were to say “Yo, got this idea. Let’s drop Drew and Calypso from the cast and make Tappy, the Tapdancing Ass, the main character,”…well, that’s not gonna fly with him.

Fleen: Coffman has a rather loyal fan base. How have the fans reacted to the partnership between you two?

Rollins: They guy’s readers are beyond loyal. Some would not only take a bullet for him, they’d catch it in their teeth, swallow it and then bust said cap in the would-be assassin’s ass-from their ass. Ass-on-ass violence. That’s the kind of loyalty you won’t see in Dilbert fans.

So, when D.J. first contacted me about writing for Yirmumah, he laid it out like this… I really dig your stuff (meaning Bad Shape) but the fans get the final word.

Fortunately for me, Yirmumah readers are a lot like D.J., straight forward and willing to try new things-so long as there’s a good reason for the newness. I think our collaborative work has given them all the reason they need, ’cause, so far, the fan reaction has been positive.


I demand justice!

This week we explore the strange and marvelous WORLD OF THE FUTURE, full of smelly aliens, Poop Loops, and bright shiny colors. Apparently, there’s also a webcomic and cat with cleavage in there somewhere, but I’m still dazzled by the hues.

Really, though, it’s an interview with Lisa Fary and John Dallaire (formerly known as “artist”).


Surely you get it by now…

Well, I’m back from vacation… and I could have picked a better spot to go than Denver just before Christmas… that’s four days of my life I’ll never get back.

In significantly less depressing news, here’s an interview with Ben Stirling, who writes and draws Patrick Grey, Online.


Ambush Journalism!

For my last interview of 2006, I wanted to do something really special. So I picked a webcomic creator entirely at random, and AMBUSHED them.

Unfortunately, I picked Byron Hussie of Byrobot, and … well… you’ll have to decide for yourself who ambushed whom.

Because comics are not just for kids?

This week, I speak with David Berner, the guiding voice behind Broken Voice Comics.

Next week, Ambush Journalism!