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No Interview this week

I was too distracted by the SuperBowl to conduct an interview.

Sorry. Next week, for sure.

I could interview you.

Would anyone read it, if you did?

Paul, if you do, I’ll give you a dollar.

You can interview me! In fact, here are my interview answers in advance:

1. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Also, to take my mind off my existential insecurities.
2. Monkeys!
3. Only read the first book, but I have to say: man, he’s persuasive!
4. Because I don’t have a scanner.
5. In the bath and in bed – ironically, two places where I’m considerably separated from writing paper.
6. Well, I noticed that the author of “Wiki’s Lessons in Life” lives in my hometown…
7. Oh, you! *giggle*
8. “It is the duty of the living to make hilarious the sacrifices of the dead.”

Go for it, Paul. Just make sure there’s one of those fluffy “Ginger or Mary Ann” type of things that Jeff likes so much, e.g.,

Czechvar, Pilsener Urquell, or Staropramen?
Michael, Davy, Micky or Peter?
Coriander or cilantro?

[…] Interviews, Gary, Jeff Editor’s note: It seems that there is an interview this week, Jeff’s assertions to the contrary notwithstanding. Everybody thank Fleen Guest Interviewer Paul Southworth for stepping up to the plate, and turning the tables. Looks like another Southworth-related dollar will be hitting the mail this week. Paul Southworth: Why interview webcomic artists? Did you already talk to every parking lot attendant and janitor in the world? Or do you just have a thing for high school sophomores who think they can draw anime and clumsy gaming references? […]

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