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She’s back…

Danielle Corsetto‘s Girls With Slingshots has started up again on a new schedule – five days a week of Hazel, Jamie, McPedro, BoB and more!

I’m very excited.

And as a recently single guy, I’m happy to receive McPedro’s valuable advice!

Also, Danielle wants your money.

I’ve got a case of the Tuesdays

The week I’ve had? You don’t want to know.

There’s an interview coming sometime this week, but it’s not today.

Or maybe there will be two next week.

He’s particularly pleased with how the wine rendered…

Well, if Paul Southworth hasn’t managed to completely destroy all of my journalistic credibility with his fiascos and snarkery, then hopefully some of you all will read the following interview with David C. Simon, who creates Crimson Dark.

Update: Crimson Dark and David are part of Nightgig

No Interview this week

I was too distracted by the SuperBowl to conduct an interview.

Sorry. Next week, for sure.

All Webcomic Creators Lie #3

Previously, Lisa Fary discussed with us her future project called “ScifiBabe”.

Yesterday, we got the following full retraction.

This isn’t really comics related, but it is a follow-up to our interview. In that interview, I talked about ScifiBabe. Well, ScifiBabe is now Pink Raygun, and it’s gone live at Shameless press release follows. Thanks!!

And here’s the press-release, in which she completely ignores the fact that’s she’s been defrauding her readers for months.

I demand Justice!

Lisa Fary & John Dallaire

Pink Raygun Blasts the Web on February 1st

TUCSON, AZ 2/1/07–

Pink Raygun, the new webzine featuring news, reviews and interviews for fangirls. . . and boys officially launched on February 1st at Pink Raygun is dedicated to providing women a smart and savvy, yet girly, place to discuss and read about science fiction, fantasy and horror in all of their forms, be it television, movies, books or comics.

“Women need Pink Raygun,” says webzine editor Lisa Fary. “Nearly half of the Scifi Channel’s American viewership is comprised of women because the genre is changing, portraying more strong female characters in roles that have traditionally been played by men and featuring storylines that are more about people”. However, there have been few, if any, publications online or in print that address the growing female audience.

Pink Raygun features interviews with women working in all aspects of scifi, fantsy and horror. Within the first month, the webzine will run interviews with Noel Neill, known as the original Lois Lane, Christine Beiselin, who is the assistant costume designer for the film 300, and Amy Reeder Hadley, creator of Tokyopop’s American manga hit Fool’s Gold.

Other features of Pink Raygun include genre news, a message board forum, opinion pieces addressing issues within scifi, fantasy and horror and an extensive section dedicated to reviews of print and visual media, events, websites and music.

Pink Raygun’s management team is comprised of Lisa Fary as editor and John Dallaire as art director. Lisa Fary is a graduate of the creative writing program at Florida State University and holds an advanced degree in Special Education. Her early exposure to classic Battlestar Galactica in 1979 is largely responsible for her lifelong interest in science fiction and her childhood ambition of being an intergalactic space cowgirl. John Dallaire has over ten years of experience in commercial illustration and graphic design. He does art and illustration work for many of the casinos and resorts in Las Vegas. Together, Fary and Dallaire publish the webcomic, review and opinion site Intergalactic Law.

A Spectre is Haunting Europe

Hey gang, it’s interview time again!

Today, I’m speaking with the creator of Goodbye Chains, Ms. Alice Hunt.

As I suspected; listening is optional

He makes a rich woman beg, he makes a good woman steal..

He’ll make an old woman blush, he’ll make a young woman squeal…

Ladies and gentelmen, today and for one night only, I give you the fabulous, sexy, astounding, Mr. Paul SOUTHWORTHHHHHHH

I demand justice!

This week we explore the strange and marvelous WORLD OF THE FUTURE, full of smelly aliens, Poop Loops, and bright shiny colors. Apparently, there’s also a webcomic and cat with cleavage in there somewhere, but I’m still dazzled by the hues.

Really, though, it’s an interview with Lisa Fary and John Dallaire (formerly known as “artist”).


Surely you get it by now…

Well, I’m back from vacation… and I could have picked a better spot to go than Denver just before Christmas… that’s four days of my life I’ll never get back.

In significantly less depressing news, here’s an interview with Ben Stirling, who writes and draws Patrick Grey, Online.


Ambush Journalism!

For my last interview of 2006, I wanted to do something really special. So I picked a webcomic creator entirely at random, and AMBUSHED them.

Unfortunately, I picked Byron Hussie of Byrobot, and … well… you’ll have to decide for yourself who ambushed whom.