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It Is Hard To Concentrate On Webcomics Today

Between the good news¹ and the bad², it’s a little hard to concentrate. Then again, there’s always time for at least a bit of webcomics news.

I wrote not long ago about Nicholas Gurewitch doing collaborations with other creators over at The Perry Bible Fellowship. He’s dropped a bunch more since, including about a half-dozen all in one day about a week back, and there’s now a section in his archive where they’re all collected together. The new ones start with Seltzer and continue with Spared³, Mr Scoop, Arise, The Mission, Tickle Monster, Geopardy, Night Shift, Clear Message, and Not A Wolf.

In some, Gurewitch is clearly supplying the art. In others, it’s the collaborator (Shen, Rob DenBlyker, Matt Inman) working in their own signature visual style. They all have that PBF feel, and if none of them are going have the lasting impact of Weeaboo or Skub, that’s okay. They’re still new PBF comics and I’ll take those whenever I can.

Spam of the day:

It was the MOST watched episode in Shark Tank history …

Funny coincidence, I saw Shark Tank for the first time last night and that one guy, the bald jowly one? I don’t know a damn thing about him, but a) I am convinced he cannot achieve orgasm unless he strangles a puppy, and b) his face makes me want to punch him on a scale hitherto achieved only by Jared Kushner, Stephen Miller, and Martin Shkreli. So maybe this isn’t the way to impress me is all I’m saying.

¹ Federal agents executed a search warrant on Rudy Giuliani’s apartment, where he was doubtlessly stupid enough to keep complete and meticulous documentation of all his crime-doing. This does, however, give me a reason to remind you about one of the greatest t-shirts of all time. Mine’s in the wash right now, but I still have a powerful urge to dig it out and put it on.

² Michael Collins, command module pilot of Apollo 11 and taker of one of the most famous photographs in history, died. He was 90 years old and so this was not unexpected, but damn. Buzz Aldrin is still around, and Jim Lovell, but the Apollo fraternity is getting smaller by the day. Fair skies and good flying, CMP Collins.

³ With Jordan Morris, who has his hands in numerous media but not comics, unless you count the forthcoming adaptation of his sci-fi comedy podcast, Bubble, with words by Morris and Sarah Morgan, pictures by Tony Cliff and colors by Natalie Riess. I will be wearing my LASER DONG pin as I read it.

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