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It’s Always Welcome To Hear From Them

There’s some creators that I just smile when they have something new going on, or something new to share. Got some smiles going today that I thought I’d share.

  • Doing an enormous, complex, emotionally-deep (not to mention sometimes fraught) story that doesn’t pay the bills around your other paying gigs¹ takes a lot of planning and patience. Barbarous (by the absolutely stellar team of Ananth Hirsh and Yuko Ota) wrapped up it’s first “season” of five story arcs six months back, followed by a series of guestillustrated side stories until end of last year, and resuming today.

    But more importantly, we’ve had a couple of teaser images for the forthcoming Season Two, which makes me believe that Ota and Hirsh are getting ready to drop some new plot goodness on us. How excited am I for the return of Barbarous in any form, but especially Season Two? I momentarily mistook guest illustrator Niki Foley’s page today as the start of the new season, as her style is reasonably close to Ota’s. In any event, today a side story, and soon the triumphant return and hopefully some comeuppance for a twerp who pissed off the wrong people. I can’t wait.

  • I will never not wake up and want a new comic from Jeffrey Rowland. Never So much so that I’ve apparently been invading his dreams, and while I understand on an intellectual level that running the company that makes it possible for dozens of webcomickers to make a living, when he can find a moment to chronicle whatever a couple of weirdos (chosen from at least seven different cohorts of weirdos) are up to, it’s always worth it.

    And in the past couple of days, those weirdos have been Dug (the groundhog), Sheila The Horse (the horse), and Observation Duck. Everybody feel good for these weird animals that live in the center of the Earth as they try to live their dreams and live with the consequences of same.

  • You know who is the most relentlessly positive person on the planet, just so invested in the idea of you being as happy as she is and determined to make the whole world more joyous? Colleen AF Venable. Doesn’t matter if the you in question is a reader, a fellow creator, or a bunch of bats that she traveled halfway ’round the world to help care for. Come Monday, Venable will be in a YA-GN Zoom meetup with fellow creator Mark Crilley to launch his latest, mention her most recent, and generally show the process behind making awesome graphic novels.

    The session will be hosted by Book Beat of Oak Park, Michigan, who will have signed copies available for in-person pickup or mailing. Fun time kicks off at 5:00pm EDT on 15 March, 2021, with free tickets available now (or just watch the stream at Book Beat’s Facebook page). Venable’s always a delight in conversation (something I discovered exactly 13 years ago as of Monday and her Crilley convo), and I suspect this discussion will be no different.

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¹ Not least being their co-writing duties on Pixels Of You, due in November, with art from JR Doyle.

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