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On The Off Chance That Anybody Is Reading This Today

Didn’t post anything yesterday. On the one hand, it was [American] Thanksgiving; on the other, I didn’t make mention of that fact or that I wouldn’t be posting; on the gripping hand, you probably found almost nothing originating in the States updating yesterday and the reason splashed all over.

Today isn’t anything in particular, as I don’t subscribe to the notion of Black Friday¹; it’s just The Day After [American] Thanksgiving, a day for leftover pie and being as lazy as humanly possible. I walked around the corner to get dog food for the pooch, cleared a bunch of sales emails, bought tickets to see Knives Out tomorrow, read some of my birthday present, considered cleaning up the leaves in my yard and driveway, and ultimately decided I’m not doing that.

Lots of webcomics folks have sales on, though — check the blogroll over there to the right, click through to somebody, hit up their store. Remember to keep an eye on shipping times if it’s for something you’re giving to somebody by a particular date.

Spam of the day:

Planet Pure Turmeric Oil

The only reason I hardly eat any Indian food is that I am not compatible with turmeric. I get flushed, jittery, low grade diaphoretic — basically, it hits me like all the stuff they put in energy drinks to magnify the effects of caffeine. So thanks for the offer, but I don’t believe I’ll be sampling what is absolutely turmeric and not some random crap you sourced for cheap, mixed with what you claim is CBD. No way that could go wrong for me.

¹ One, because I hate how retail workers are treated in/around this fictitious holiday; two, because my first day working for a salary was Black Friday 1984, which is why to this day I can recite the SKU for the trade edition of Come Love A Stranger by Kathleen E Woodiwiss and have that payment processed (That’s US$8.99, US$9.44 with tax, 56 cents is your change thank you for shopping at B Dalton), get the book in your bag, and have you on your was in 24 seconds flat.

Unless you had a credit card. The days before magnetic stripe readers were a terrible time, my children.

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