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The Correct Reaction Is Thank You, Take Your Time

Hey, remember this time last year when we talked about how Aud Koch would be doing a spooky Halloween story called Spider Kisses? And how it turned out to be the most beautiful thing ever? For those that don’t, allow me to acquaint you with the most gorgeous light-and-shadow work you’re going to see in forever, and then implore you to stay for the equivalent of a magical girl transformation sequence applied to a straw hat, three panels that practically dance before your eyes.

It was planned to be 32 or so pages. It wasn’t promised to update daily, what with Koch having professional deadlines and all. It made it to page 22 by Thanksgiving week and then it went on pause — look, rent and food are more important than doing drawings for us for free with the possibility of maybe a book down the line¹.

And then …

And then, yesterday, it started up again. And, because Koch, is no fool, it came with some disclaimers:

1. I will not be posting a page a day this time. I’ll post pages as I finish them, but I’m also working on THE FLICKER IN THE TOWER right now, so my time is getting split.
2. AS A WARNING: I’m not sure I’ll finish SPIDER KISSES this year, either. This will likely be …

… a project that I chip away at, in chunks and flakes, every October, so it’ll take another year or two to complete this story.
3. You maaay notice that I am no longer claiming that this comic is going to be 32 pages long. It is not going to be 32 pages long. More like 50.

Also also!
I just posted all of SPIDER KISSES to my public Patreon, so if you prefer that platform, you can follow this comic over there:

To which the correct reaction is … well, I don’t need to repeat myself, do I? Camp out on the Twitterthread or at Koch’s Patreon, breathe deep in the most intricate art you’re ever likely to see for free, and resolve to exchange money for some form of it when the story is complete. Comics simply don’t get any better than this.

Spam of the day:

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Whatever SERPs are, I’m not dominating anything unless there’s been a thorough discussion of wants, soft and hard limits, safewords, and consent boundaries. You mention none of that, so I must tell you to get away from me.

¹ Please, please, please let there be a book.

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