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Going To Let The Art Do The Talking Today

Because honestly, what can I say? That Aud Koch does the most gorgeous, meticulously detailed work that you’re likely to see today? That whether it’s a cityscape, a setchbook study, or a doodle, every line is bursting with purpose and contributes to the whole? That it’s almost criminal that she’s at the beginning of a career and not four or five decades in? That I would kill to have handwriting as deliberately beautiful as hers?

Or maybe we should note that in a title page and two story pages for her new, Halloween season-celebrating story, there’s not a panel that isn’t fairly bursting with story hooks? Look at that second page, and tell me those skulls in the yard aren’t a year-round feature … and that they aren’t plastic. Tell me that the heterochromia in our human (actually, that’s possibly to be determined) protagonist (probably, but they may turn out to be a side character) doesn’t have a tale behind it … possibly involving those jars of eyes in the background. Or that there aren’t deliciously divergent narrative branches that depend on whether the single word Spider is the arachnid introducing itself, or addressing the person at the laptop by name.

Koch’s goal is to produce a page a day of Spider’s Kiss — so many possibilities in that title! — which means for the next month or so, we’ll see what happens unfold at a tantalizing pace. My advice is that you refresh her twitterfeed obsessively every hour that you’re awake until it’s done. In between hitting F5, you can scroll back through her posted art to fill the time.

Oh, and I guess maybe don’t if you don’t like spiders?

Spam of the day:

We’re so different & yet I’m attracted to you!

This came from, which is the most aggressively blatant domain name I’ve ever seen. Whoever bought that one woke up and considered having the smallest amount of subtlety possible according to quantum physics and decided Nah.

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