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From The Twitters

So much goin’ on over at the Twitters. Let’s dig in.

  • I’ve been re-reading Lucy Knisley’s Kid Gloves (which releases on Tuesday next, and a review of which is forthcoming) and so I was primed for the announcement of the requisite book tour. Good news for those of you in Chicagoland, Brooklyn, DC, Boston, Nashvile, the Hudson Valley, and Athens, GA: you’ll get to see Knisley between Sunday 24 February and Friday 8 March, with later visits on 22 March, 19 April, and TCAF on 11/12 May.

    Bad news for me: the nearest she’ll be to me is Brooklyn on Tuesday (that’s the day of release, no less!) and I’ll be out of town for work in the other direction that day. Check the dates and times in the art and go see her.

  • About ten days ago, we talked about the upcoming event about comics and medical education, and how little information was available at the time. A couple days later they made with the info, but I didn’t notice until today. But here’s the deets we didn’t have before:
    • The event is intended for librarians, health education and outreach professionals, and creators working in graphic medicine.
    • It’s a one-day event, 10 April, starting with registration at coffee at 8:30am and wrapping at 3:30 that afternoon.
    • There’s limited registration space, which can be reserved here.
    • Attendees will be encouraged to make comics during breaks and lunch.
    • Seriously, Cathy Leamy and Danteluke Landherr-Shepherd? Go.
  • Gumroad, who have been an invaluable piece of the cartoonist’s infrastructure, have decided that if comics are a big part of your business, it makes sense to make more cartoonists in the future. Enter the Gumroad Creator’s Fund:

    We’re going to donate upwards of $50,000 (10% of our profits) to creators and creative projects over the course of 2019. Anyone–including you–can apply. When? Now!

    The application is pretty broad, and there’s not much in the way of the criteria they’re using to evaluate applications, but you know what? I don’t see Patreon doing this. Good for Gumroad.

  • Finally: this starts heartwarming, veers into the goofball end of things almost immediately, and ends someplace terrible because Brad Guigar is simultaneously dreamy and horrible.

Spam of the day:

The MagiFry brand new ceramic and titanium fry pan invention is totally free of toxic chemicals, features premium Cu-Tech technology, and will transform the cooking experience in your home…

The thermal conductivity of ceramic is, to quote my old material science professor, shitty, and titanium is too lightweight to hold any heat. Put ’em together and you’ve got the world’s crappiest fry pan.

Want to transform your cooking experience with a pan that is not only free of (booga, booga, scary!) “toxins”, but also supplies a vital nutrient into your diet? Get a godsdamned cast-iron pan, get it hot, throw in cold fat, and cook. It’ll cost you about twenty bucks if you avoid the fancy places, and it will last forever. Fuck outta here with your premium technology.

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