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Travel Day, Holiday, Let’s Clear Some Spam

Oh man, the quality of these spammers is just not what it used to be. The entire cold-contact-people-so-you-can-scam-them industry is filled with scrubs. For example, today I got one of those robocall messages about how it’s very important that I press 1 to talk to somebody about restructuring my credit card debt¹, so I did what I always do:

I placed my phone’s handset and headset on the desk, with the mic of each against the speaker of the other, set the the handset to speakerphone, and pressed 1. When the scammer on the desk started to talk? Glorious, glorious feedback. The more they shout, the louder it gets. If you call me with the intent of stealing, then a bit of shrieking in your ears (and residual tinnitus) is the very least you can expect.

Time was scammers would hang up, shrug it off and maybe put my number on the don’t bother to call again list² and accepted that at least I didn’t waste their time for 15 or 20 minutes. That guy today hung up, then called back 15 seconds later to call me a bitch. Next to the guy who called back to scream at me that he was part of Al-Qaeda and would bomb my house³, he was the sorest loser I’ve encountered. Give me the old-fashioned scammers, the ones that realize that in trying to steal from me, they’re running a risk and may have to pay the price.

Anyway, here’s some of the drive I’ve gotten lately. Enjoy.

Spams of the day:

Must say your website looks quite ok. Good job. However, if you want your website to be really successful, then make sure you use the best tools to optimize your online content. Otherwise it won’t be on the top of Google search results and no-one will know about it.

I think he’s trying to neg me but can’t quite do it.

I discovered your Fleen: The Awkward Christmas Dinner Of Our Obligation To Existence » It’s Been A Day page and noticed you could have a lot more traffic.

Wow. You’re able to read the <title> tag in HTML. Your wizardry will never cease to amaze.

mate your site is really cool, but it has a poor Domain Authority sad truth is that sites with poor Domain Authority won’t rank high in Google and in result get very little of traffic

Given that Domain Authority requires a Google Places or Facebook page and I have absolutely neither of those, I’d say it’s undefinable on the good/poor scale.

This is a stupid title. I bet a large percentage of kids have written essays about gun control since it’s one of the biggest social issues in US politics. This kid wasn’t some clairvoyant.

This spam, which is selling an academic essay-writing service, was referencing this post, which features neither the word gun nor the word control. Maybe work on your reading skill before offering up your writing?

Hello, Could you be interested in making $ 200,000 a day with us? Visit our website for more details

Weirdly, your URL appears to go nowhere. Also, that’s Zimbabwean dollars, right?



¹ The amount of which is zero, thanks.

² As opposed to the Do Not Call list. The DBTCA list is the one where I pick up and as soon as I say something, it disconnects.

³ He also shouted about how he was having sex with my mom and I told him unless he’s got a thing for very particular controlling behavior, it seemed unlikely.

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