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Appropriately Enough, This Post Has 666 Words

Hey, would you like to get a pair of webcomics in print form, similar in that they are both beautiful to look at, dissimilar in that their topics and art could not be more different? Sparky, it’s your lucky day!

  • On the one hand, you’ve got a Kickstart for a 10 year compendium¹ of Sandra and Woo by Oliver Knözer (words) and Powree (pictures), which is about as cute and wholesome a comic as you’re ever going to see. Sandra’s 12, Woo’s a raccoon, the humor is comforting. I actually think it’s got a pretty good Calvin and Hobbes vibe to it.

    The campaign is to print the first 1031 SaW strips (out of 1042 as of today’s writing) and produce an art book to accompany it (with 92 pages in color, including 50 guest artists). PDFs of the books start at just €10, with various editions and combo platters of the books (standard edition, deluxe signed/sketched edition, etc), prints, and extras running up to babout €110.

    Amazingly, Knözer set the goal at a mere €3000 (or thereabouts, what with exchange rate fluctuations), so they’re well over ten times goal on funding. The only question is if you’re getting in on this during the 16 days remaining, or you miss your chance. And if you’re worried about transoceanic shipping costs, international shipping is in play, with a remarkable €10 for shipping outside Germany but inside the EU, and €15 (about US$17) everywhere else. Ask the folks at Topatoco who they’d kill to get a seventeen buck international shipping rate on 500+ page books&sup2.

  • On the other, Kill Six Billion Demons by Abbadon is probably the polar opposite of Sandra and Woo in every way. A depraved universe of Old Gods, demons, angels, and worse is in turmoil as the Key To Damn Near Everything ends up in the possession of a barista/sorority girl from our reality and she is freaking the eff OUT. It’s a hoot. Image have printed the first two (very handsome, hugely detailed and very, very deranged) story arcs, and they want you to now that volume three (an enormous story, 147 pages deep) is on deck for March:

    Tom Parkinson-Morgan, known to his impressive online following as Abbadon, will release a trade paperback collection of the third chapter of his popular ongoing webcomic Kill Six Billion Demons this March from Image Comics.

    “In this one there’s love, revenge, obsession, a mad god, and a dragon,” said Parkinson-Morgan. “There’s also a four-page spread of an army of psychopathic accountant priests fighting colonial soldiers mounted on dinosaurs.”

    What Abbadon didn’t mention? Most of those psychopathic accountant priests are fighting with spears modified so that their stabby ends are sporting chainsaws, and they are not even the most bizarre combatants in the scene, which takes place in a fractal bank vault the size of a world at the center of the universe, which is built on the site of the progenitor god’s holy suicide. The entire damn comic is the fever dream of a mystic that spent the last 96 hours in a tequila/Red Bull-fueled haze while nonstop binging Metalocalypse. It’s glorious.

    Kill Six Billion Demons Book 3 will release to comic shops on 6 March 2019, bookstores 12 March, and looks to be priced at US$17. If you’re not into wholesome enough to spend US$17 on international shipping for Sandra and Woo in the February/March timeframe, spend it on the most thoroughly world-built exploration of eschatological theology that you’ve ever seen.

    With chainsaws.

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¹ The Kickstart description actually says anthology, but that’s not the right word in English. Translations, man.

² I remember hearing once that Berlin offers extreme subsidies for mailing books; if you need to ship internationally, it may pay to send a pallet-load or two over to there for what’s damn-near flat-rate to the rest of the world.

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