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I Think Paul Will Understand

There’s so much going on that’s infuriating me today, and I want to talk about webcomics, I want to share news about stuff that will bring people joy, but I’ve also got to take today to take a stand. So quickly, then:

Paul Southworth has been a favorite of all of us here at Fleen for years and through multiple comics — the lost and lamented Ugly Hill (even the Wayback Machine is unable to provide a good run of that strip), the first half of Not Invented Here, and the intermittent (and very funny) Lake Gary. The latter has (as of Monday) returned with a Patreon behind it, and a message from the creator this morning:

I’ve never done anything like this before and I feel weird about it! Very much appreciate any and all contributions to my dumb comics :)

It also feels weird and wrong to announce or enjoy ANYTHING when the US is rotting from the inside but there’s no good time to do it anymore

I have a tendency to veer into darkness and soapboxing, but my mission statement with this project is “Keep it light, weird and funny.”

Because that’s what *I* need right now.

I’m sectioning off this ONE space for silliness. Use the other 99.9% of your week to call your representatives and beg for your lives. <3

Go read Lake Gary, and with reference to the other 99.9% of your time …

This morning Donald Trump engaged in an unconscionable attack on transgender members of the US military (and, by framing their existence as both other and unnecessary, every other trans person in existence). Thankfully, his authoritarian pronouncement is seeing fairly immediate and unambiguous pushback from even the most right-wing members of the Senate, and inchoate gibberings do not change the law of the land. He can neither govern by diktat nor by tweet.

So while the policies of the military (and the status of trans members of the same) may be unchanged for the moment, the attack will likely provoke members of his cult to engage in similar behavior, and will make the lives of trans folks even harder than they already are.

Fuck that, and fuck him.

I’m declaring a revival of the Fleen Fight For Fungible Futures Fund. Last time around, the Six-F raised US$500 for The Trevor Project, and in response to this atrocity we’re matching donations again.

Send me a screenshot of your donation receipt to The Trevor Project by 11:59pm EDT on 2 August 2017 (that’s a little more than a week from now) and I will match it. Any amount helps — in the last go-around, I matched single contributions to various causes ranging from US$10 to more than US$1000. Give a single dollar and I’ll match it. Give six hundo¹ and I’ll match it. Spread the word, let your friends know, cost me some money.

And since that steaming shitgibbon cares about nothing but himself, let’s let him know precisely how unloved he is.

Spam of the day:

The Dirty Sex Secret No Girl Will Ever Tell You …

But you’re telling me, Jessica. Are you betraying the secret?

¹ Reminder: Six hundred dollars is class money.

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