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Title Later, Primal Screaming Now

Retroactive editor’s note: Well, I started writing this in the afternoon before work blew up in a chewy cluster of fuck. It’s past 8:00pm and while I’m in a lull I’m still there and my editor brain is about dead. Posting whatever I’ve got below and I’ll fix any glaring errors later (not to mention writing a proper intro) later.

  • Speaking of As The Crow Flies (we were too — yesterday, just down there, where we noted it’s now in the Library of Friggin’ Congress), we should mention that today is the last day of the Kickstart to print the first collection of Melanie Gillman’s story of (queer) friendship, (loss of) faith, finding oneself, and probably a few other things that start with F.

    The funding target has been long since met, and last night the campaign reached its solitary stretch goal, so all backers now get a bonus comic story, never seen before. Running up the total at this point just means that creators that tell unique stories with skill and delicate pencils get rewarded with the ability to support themselves. You’ve got (as of this writing) about an hour.

  • New webcomic alert! I mentioned 10-12 days back that David Morgan-Mar (PhD, LEGO®©™etc) was launching a new webcomic. Eavesdropper (for that is its name) went live with page one today. Morgan-Mar is famously an early-stages artist when it comes to drawing, but that works pretty well here; Eavesdropper is meant to be presented in a film storyboard-like style, and the rough outlines and chunky style serve the chosen aesthetic well.

    The choice of storyboaresque makes sense beyond choosing a style to fit the artist’s abilities; Morgan-Mar partners with Andrew Shellshear¹, who conceived the story as a movie some years back, and finally gets to see it done in a visual medium thanks to Morgan-Mar’s continual willingness to experiment with comics. Expect Eavesdropper to run about two years, with updates on Wednesdays, at the end of which I expect to see Morgan-Mar’s cartooning skills sharp enough to take on whatever the next challenge will be.

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¹ One of Morgan-Mar’s co-writers on the Star Wars-slash-RPG remix project, Darths & Droids. Having reached the end of Jedi, Morgan-Mar tells me the D&D team is taking a break before tackling Rogue One. He also mentions that the major collaborative webcomic in the Irregularverse, Lightning Made Of Owls, is running low on contributions. How to contribute may be found here

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