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Voicelack Impacts Continue

A bit after I wrote about my vocal woes on Friday, I lost my ability to speak entirely; for the record, that’s not previously happened in more than 25 years of teaching, and with some of the week’s class yet to be covered, created a dilemma.

The weekend involved a lot of warm salt-water gargling, hot toddies, tea with diabetes-inducing amounts of honey, and thanks to the world’s best PA (other people may like their doctor, I love the PA at my doctor’s practice), a course of steroids¹ that have brought me back to a croaking level.

However, finding ways to make up the interrupted class on Friday have taken all my spare time today in/around my current class, and so I once again must prevail on your kindness to allow for a brief post. But thanks to Brian The War Moth (most recently seen here), I do have something cool to point you at: 3-D extrapolations of comic strips, one fairly simple art-wise, but showing a nice responsiveness to dragging around, and one expanded from a Calvin and Hobbes strip.

Just drag them slowly if you don’t want to get a sense of vertigo.

Spam of the day:

We have received a notice that you are about to miss a student loan payment.

Mother-bitches, I paid off my student loans in 1996, seventeen friggin’ years early. You ain’t received shit.

¹ Running down the list of possible side-effects, she didn’t say that I’d get even one of uncontrolled muscular development, rage fits, or shrunken gonads. Popular media has lied to me yet again.

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