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A Long Time Coming

Oh my goodness, are you ready for some terrific news? Hundreds of strips that are (by any reasonable measure) long past due in print will finally be collected, and there was much rejoicing:

Cat and Girl has been a thing online since 1999, publishing three print volumes and 1,420 comics. Now finally (FINALLY!) we can make the comics from 2010 to 2015 available in print. That’s 536 full color pages of mostly black and white comics in two books. We’ve decided to call them Cat and Girl Vol. IV and Cat and Girl Vol. V. Dinotrux was taken.

That’s straight from Cat and Girl creator Dorothy Gambrell, via the fine folks at Make That Thing; MTT’s involvement means that the Kickstarter campaign [link pending] is planned out in detail, will run by the numbers when it goes up next week, and that the physical production and fulfillment will be out of Gambrell’s hair leaving her free to make comics.

Comics which, it must be admitted, we do not talk about nearly enough here at Fleen; the greatness of Cat and Girl is self-evident and omnipresent. Just as it would be a waste of time to say The sky continues to be above the land or This background radiation occurs according to mathematically-predictable patterns, so would it be to say Cat and Girl is one of the sharpest observations of life in the world, and at times is also startlingly prescient. Just take it as a given that this remains true, and if ever it isn’t, be sure to duck and cover because we’ll be full into the eschaton.

And the data geek in me would be remiss if I didn’t notice that line in Gambrell’s announcement about mostly black and white comics, which means some will be in color, which means we’ll get the data shares, yes. So keep your eyes peeled on Thursday, 16 February, as Cat and Girl’s next half-decade worth of strips go up for crowdfunding; you have until then to make room on your shelves.

Spam of the day

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But you’re claiming to represent! Classifying Ukrainian ladies as Russian is sort of a manifestation of the nationalist hegemony that is causing armed fighting in eastern Ukraine. Your come-on for your identity-theft site is lost in all the tragedy that you have glibly tried to gloss over.

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