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Speaking Of Political Art

At this point, "no side effects" sounds pretty good.

You bet, all Art is political. And because sometimes the awful comes too fast and we all feel like Randall Munroe‘s nameless protagonist du jour, a roundup of recent (and some old but prescient) Art:

  • Nazis. Hate ’em.

  • But for reals, those reveling in their power over others? It has a way to coming back on you¹.

  • Trying to ban Science is like Wile E. Coyote casually strolling off a cliff; gravity works whether you believe it or not².

  • But no matter how much the forces of stupidity try to drag us backwards, heroes will resist. Some have Smokey The Bear hats.

Be good. Force those who aren’t to be better. Take care of each other. Hold the line³.

Spam of the day:

Gratify yourself and grant images to examine all statements.

I think they want me to allow images in the email, but that gratify yourself wording it very creepy, especially considering that they’re (ostensibly) hawking home repair warranties.

¹ Or pursuing the absence of rules because it makes you feel important; Uncle Randy had your number nearly 15 years ago.

² Munroe put it more succinctly a decade ago.

³ Or, as Internet Jesus once wrote:

This is the line.

HUGE WALKING MONSTER-THINGS WITH DEATH-RAY FACES! What are you waiting for, boys and girls? This is what we do!

No lie, that statement of purpose always makes me tear up a little.

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