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I Was At Work During The Press Conference

But my Twitterfeed appears to reveal that President Obama didn’t save us, so it up to us to save ourselves. Let this serve as a reminder, then, of two things:

  1. The Fleen Fight For Fungible Futures Fund¹ project continues to gather your donations to causes that will help us unravel the causus trumpii; please send me (that would be gary, who can be reached at this here receipt images of donations to these organizations and I’ll match ’em, up to a total of US$10,000. Creators that have run your own fundraisers, you count; send me your totals.
  2. Rich Stevens inadvertently designed the symbol of the resistance over the summer. I’m wearing mine until we have the country we deserve again; anybody feeling the heat can come sit by me.

Weekend. Fresh new hells can wait until Monday, and I’ll do what I can to fight ’em in the meantime.

Spam of the day:

Meet Local Singles Over 50 — See Photos!

Dudes, I’m an upper-income straight white cisdude in what’s about to be a very different America. You’re supposed to be sending me spam about Central European teenagers. If I indulge in a midlife crisis in any other way, I’ll be breaking Trumplaw.

¹ Six-F from now on.

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