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That List I Promised You

Re: me playing Soros, minus a few orders of magnitude.

  • From now until 20 January 2017, show me a receipt that you donated to any of the organizations below, and I’ll match it, up to an aggregate of US$10,000. If you’ve made repeating donations, I’ll credit you for the November, December, and January amounts.
  • If any of the organizations ceases operation in the meantime (practically speaking, only the GoFundMe page is a possibility for discontinuation, given that GFM has yanked funding pages with regularity in the past), I will find the closest equivalent source for matching donation. If I can’t find one, I’ll redistribute to the other organizations on a proportional basis.
  • If total donations from you guys exceeds 10K — please, exceed! — I reserve the right to increase my giving. If you absolutely demolish the 10K goal, matches will be made on a proportional basis so that I don’t spend my retirement years eating the generic dog food; I want the premium brand.
  • If you don’t see your favored organization here, it’s not that I don’t approve! I looked for a variety of non-overlapping groups fighting in different areas; I have a preference for those with proven track records of effectiveness and favorable reports in Charity Navigator.
  • Email me (gary at the name of this here website dot-com) or DM me on Twitter with your receipts; I’ll post occasional updates of the totals here. I plan to run a list of names of people who contact me; if you don’t want to be credited, just note that with your receipt.
  • Creators who have run your own fundraisers — that counts for matching! Send your numbers in!
  • Oh and one last thing: all donations will be made in the name of Donald Trump, with the exceptions of Planned Parenthood and The Trevor Project, which will be made in the name of Mike Pence.

American Civil Liberties Union
Brennan Center for Justice
Campaign Zero
Electronic Frontier Foundation
International Rescue Committee
NAACP Legal Defense Fund
National Resources Defense Council
Planned Parenthood
Sacred Stone Camp’s GoFundMe
The Trevor Project

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