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Did I Say It Was The Quiet Time Of Year? Yesterday Me Was Wrong

Possibly also bad, and maybe stupid¹. There’s loads of things going on. To wit:

  • The second half of the Calista Brill interview is up at The Beat, and it’s just as enlightening as the first part.
  • The first new installment of Kazu Kibuishi’s webcomic, Copper, in forever (the previous installment was April of 2009, before Amulet Book 2 was out) has been released to the wide world, and Kibuishi’s dog-and-his-boy team haven’t missed a step. It’s entirely in character with all the previous episodes, but you know what caught my eye? That hanging lamp, which puts a Schulzian overtone on the vignette. Fred, Copper, don’t be strangers.
  • Le Millionnaire est mort, vive le millionnaire: Tony Millionaire announced the end of Maakies today and pointed us all towards his new comic venture, Rickets & Scurvy at about the same time. While not necessarily a webcomic, Maakies has had more than its share of influence on the webcomickin’ world; particularly given the demise of alternative newspapers, the comics that would have wound up there are online these days, in large part to Millionaire and his contemporaries.
  • You know how I can tell Brad Guigar is doing good with his ongoing exploration of smut? He’s shutting down a project that probably didn’t take much of his time and from which he clearly derived a lot of dad-joke amusement², presumably due to being busy with the aforementioned smut. Tales From The Con has been running at the Emerald City Comicon site for more than four year, featuring a rotating cast of artists depicting Guigar’s takes on what the con circuit is like from both sides of the exhibitor table. But comes now the news that TFTC is wrapping its run and going out with a new softcover collection of all 250+ strips, available for preorder now
  • But the biggest news in webcomics today is also the biggest webcomic I can ever recall seeing from Zach Weinersmith62 panels³ of deep-dive on quantum computing (with a writing assist from Scott Aaronson), which is a pretty damn good primer on an entire field of theoretical work, in the form of a parent and teen sex talk. Enjoy a week’s worth of funny and nerdery all in a single sitting, thanks to a burning desire to (as per the secret punchline behind the big red button) make Randall Munroe look like a slacker. Bravo.

Spam of the day:

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¹ I’m tempted to distill it down to the Zappaesque Dumb all over, an’ maybe even a little ugly on the side, but then I decided not to. PS: Hi Brett and Rich.

² Case in point: most recent strip, which I suppose may be the last.

³ Sure, Weinersmith regularly goes from single panel to a dozen or more, but this is waaaay outside his usual length. Previous similar atypically long single comics: 50 states, 50 slogans, any particular installment of Ducks.

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