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A Ryan Kind Of Day


  • Longtime readers of this page will recall that Ryan North (once and future, resurrected from beyond exploding) is one of the living avatars of webcomics, one of the trinity of the Nexus of All Webcomics Realities. He’s kinda a big deal¹.

    He’s also getting attention outside the world o’ webcomics, what with a nice shout-out from The AV Club yesterday, specifically mentioning the first Dinosaur Comics print collection, Your Whole Family Is Made Out Of Meat². And laster this week, North will be interviewing Randall Munroe live on stage in Toronto regarding Munroe’s new book, Thing Explainer. It looks like a lot of fun and if I were in Toronto I’d totally go there!

  • Longtime readers also know that I do my blogging primarily at lunchtime, in and around my day job. Day job blew up when I had just finished with that paragraph, so that’s all you’re getting today. More tomorrow, God willin’ and the creek don’t rise (as my grandmother used to say).

Spam of the day:

Old Saint Nick: bring back the magic and excitement when they open there very own personally addressed letter from Santa himself!.

Unless this letter comes from the main character of Nicholas Was by Neil Gaiman, not interested. Hail Satan!

¹ Not the least because he’s like two meters tall. That is (per the novelization of Star Wars I read as a kid in 1978, before even the infamous Holiday Special) the same height as Darth friggin’ Vader.

² The review of which is maybe my favorite thing I’ve ever written for this site.

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