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Why Yes, Title Does Go Here, Good Thing I Remembered It, Ha, Ha!

I just have a few brief items for you today; sorry, they can’t all be 800 words paeans to new comics that I’ve fallen in love with.

But heck, since we just mentioned Stand Still, Stay Silent, I’ll note that about the time I was discovering Minna Sundberg’s new (and magnificent) comic epic, SSSS was joining up with Hiveworks. Yesterday while reading the latest online rerun of Skullkickers, I noticed a blogposting that Jim Zub had that day shifted his hosting to Hiveworks. Thinking back about a month prior, Maki Naro announced that Sufficiently Remarkable had joined up with … Hiveworks.

Earlier in the year, they chalked up business agreements with Oh Joy, Sex Toy, Girls With Slingshots, Yellow Peril, Gastrophobia, Nemu*Nemu, Girl Genius, Dumbing of Age, Shortpacked! … the list is too extensive to go into here. Which made me think that something I said in a year-end interview with Tom Spurgeon¹, when I thought I was reaching a bit in speculating how quickly Hiveworks could grow.

Turns out they’re growing faster than I thought possible, and providing support in the form of advertising cash money and more to creators. Frankly, I’m astonished how quickly it’s grown as well as how broad the offerings from its clients and affiliates are. At this point, the chief hazard I see for them isn’t survival, it’s growing too large and too quickly; here’s hoping that principals Joseph Stillwell and Isabelle Melan¸on can scale their abilities as the roster grows.

  • There’s a nice review of Midas Flesh #1 by Ryan North (words) and Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb (pictures) up at The AV Club today; if it’s a little less gushingly positive than some of the reviews that page has given this creative team, well, it’s a first issue, new characters and story concept, and it’s clear that North dropped into the story quickly, knowing he’s got another half-dozen issues to fill in the gaps. It’s really good, you guys. Plus it’s got a space suit-wearing Utahraptor who needs glasses, what more could you ask for?²
  • Quick! Anybody in/around Berkeley, California today? You have a few hours yet to make it over to the Central Library, where Gene Luen Yang will be discussing Boxers and Saints at 6:30pm tonight. About seven hours, to be precise, as I write this. Get goin’.

¹ Which, uh, I promised I would link when it went live and then didn’t. Look, I just saved you reading 9000 words of me– even though the The Spurge made me sound very smart — over your holidays, you’re welcome.

² Well, I could ask for an explanation how a Utahraptor gets into a space suit without shredding it to rags with his razor-sharp death-claws, but I presume that’s coming around issue 4 or 5.

ask them where all the seed money comes from & where the kickstarter money goes

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