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Thursday Items Of Note

I have this notion in the back of my mind that if I were to examine the nearly eight years of posts on this page, the vast majority of miscellaneous-topic updates would fall on Thursdays. It seems that webcomics, much like Dentarthurdent¹, can’t get the hang of Thursdays, at least not enough to focus on one thing.

  • Let me first offer hearty kongratulations to Karl Kerschl and his lovely wife Amy on the occasion of their family growing by one:

    No comic today. Just had a baby girl.

    The undoubtedly adorable and perfect daughter took longer showing up from when she was first expected, and this may keep Kerschl from having the time to update us on Kharles Khristopher and the denizens of the Kedar Forest for some time; please note that I willl fight any man-jack that says this is a problem. In the meantime, let’s all send the best of wishes towards Montréal and hope the little one gives her parents that most precious gift of a full night’s sleep very, very soon.

  • Speaking of Kerschl, one of the things that he’s probably too busy to do right now (and again, this is only right and proper) is talk to a hack webcomics pseudojournalist about his participation in the :01 Books anthology, Fairy Tale Comics. :01 wonder-editor Gina Gagliano has wrangled a bunch of comics-blogger types to talk to a bunch of the FTC contributors, and I was lucky enough to draw Kerschl’s name. The timing of little ones, though — we’ve been unable to set a time to talk, and so it’s not terribly likely at this point that I’ll be able to make good on my contribution to the cause next Tuesday as planned.

    There’s still lots of conversations that will be taking place, though, and you can see the entire blog tour itinerary here. Rest assured, as soon as Kerschl is able to spare the time I will be talking to him, if only because the fairy tale he presented² is one of my very favorites. Then again given how many fairy tales have animals as central characters, and how well Kerschl draws animals, he could do a killer job on just about any fever dream Jakob and Wilhelm had.

  • Speaking of books, I mentioned one to you on Tuesday without a permalink because some creators can’t bother to keep their news items linkable, Otter³. Fortunately, said book is now purchasable, which means I can point you to something better than a news item: a store. Please note that for the same price you’d get a mass-market paperback in the local shop, K Brooke “Otter” Spangler will autograph and sketch in your copy, and if you asked her to sketch a Sharktopus, she will be very happy4.
  • Still speaking of books, Brad Guigar (webcomics’ own Most Interesting Man In The World and Old Spice Guy merged into one sexy, sexy, package) reports that his successor volume to How To Make Webcomics is now pretty much entirely in the hands of the pre-order via Kickstarter crowd. In the interests of full disclosure, I did an early read and thorough commenting on The Webcomics Handbook, and as such I won’t be reviewing it here as I did HTMW. I will tell you, though, that it’s very, very good, and if you get a chance to buy a physical copy from Guigar after the Kickstarter rewards go out next month, you definitely should.

¹ No link; if you need that one explained to you, your parents and society have badly mismanaged your cultural education and you’ve got some self-study to do.

² The Musicians of Bremen, although I think he could also have done a bang-up job on The Boy Who Went Forth To Learn What Fear Is (a version of which also in FTC), Hans My Hedgehog, or The Solider and Death (neither in FTC, darnit).

³ God. <eyeroll>

4 Please note that it was not me that requested the Sharktopus sketch. Also note that as more Sharktopus requests come in, she is less likely to want to marry the requester, particularly considering that she is already married. Also-also please do not typo Sharktopus in your request, as Otter is just feisty enough to sketch out a shartopus if that’s what you spelled.

If you need a witness I can testify that you weren’t the requester. I have a delightful email exchange with KB to prove it.

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