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This week! in Webcomics Boning: Boning with Frequency

Here’s an interesting statistic for you readers. According to an international survey conducted by, the current webcomics boning frequency is as high as 2 on any given day. That’s right: as many times as you bathe in a week, there are at least that many webcartoonists and/or webcomics personalities getting it on every single day. Wrap your inter-noggin around that little equation.

If you’re feeling left out, it’s probably because you’re not in the loop. An important part of any would-be-boner’s success is keeping up with the latest “haps” in the online community. Do you know who’s “2 single 2 mingle”? Tuesday does.

Well, sort of. The fact is, for some reason, the majority of women in this field don’t make information about their personal lives public. Like, at all! I know!

What would drive an individual, let alone an entire gender, to shy away from an opportunity to be a public spectacle? What parallels could possibly be drawn between the availability of public information and the creepy, stalker-like nature of introverted males? If you somehow see a relationship here – well, there’s a whole world of consensual sex you are missing out on.

So I’d like to put out an open call to the women of webcomics. Tell the internet your problems. Flaunt your insecurities. Make yourself remarkably desirable! There is a clustering wealth of male specimens growing from the finest pores of the internet’s back, yet you are literally scrubbing them away with a loofah of willful ignorance. Get inside the loop, sisters. And make with the stats. See if we can’t get this bad boy up to 3 by the end of the month.

My favorite spot is where occurence is spelled wrong!

I’ll be in my bunk.

I’m just a great big kidder! No hard fealings!

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