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This Week! in Webcomics Boning: In which the Creator Becomes the Created

Mayberry picks brains until they BLEED

As spring rolls around, I take a moment to reflect on the year-to-year trials of struggling online authors. Let us never forget the efforts of these brave souls, relentlessly striving beyond the constraints of time, finances, and common sense. Never losing sight of the acclaim, popularity, and substantial wages –- and boning — they deserve.

Melonpool is one of the oldest comics on the internet, and it’s been at war with itself from the start. Creator Steve Troop has spent a decade or more careening wildly through space, seeking the unseekable Fan Quadrant 7 in the Sector of Livable Wages. And all the way we’ve rooted for him, hoping beyond hope that every last Gilligan’s-Island-Meets-Star-Trek enthusiast would sit up and take notice for his cause.

Alas, finding a niche for an obscure comic is about as hard to find as an authentic girl in #worldofwarcraft. As of 2006, Troop has called it quits on the comic-making part of his life, and is ready to move on. With one hand nested snugly between the thighs of a felt doll, and the other furiously typing away — the former comic artist has entered into the realm of puppetry.

And I can’t say I blame him. As I said, Mr. Troop has just come out of a long, excruciating war with comics. The baby boom is inevitable.

Already, multiple puppets have found their ways into the hearts, minds, and personal space of webcartoonists and known artists alike. At this time next year, an interview with Mayberry or his irritable companion Ralph could be the newfound ticket on a rocket ship to Success’ 3rd moon.

TUESDAY\'S TAKE Surely I’m not alone when I offer Steve and his Puppets the best luck in all of their endeavors. If Sesame Street, Star Wars and Avenue Q have taught us anything, it’s that puppets can drone, clone, and bone like nothing else.

Come back next week for our HOT gossip issue! You will not believe what Andrew Bell does with vinyl toys.

I am sure that someone in the Melonpool Forum has already suggested this possibility, but perhaps Mr. Troop has been possessed by Craig Schwarz.


This Week! in Webcomics Boning: In which the Boner Becomes the Boned


Don’t forget Franklin, the greatest puppet brother ever.


Ha! How did I miss this?! Thanks guys. I really have to upload a few more. I have some really cool celebrity interviews from the Pasadena Sci Fi convention a few weeks ago.

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