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Four Perfect Panels

Sometimes, you don’t realize what you’ve been missing because there’s something similar enough making its way into your eye-holes. Case in point: we haven’t had any Nedroid Picture Diary updates in a bit less than two years because Anthony Clark was knocking it out of the park with BACK, until it finished up at the end of April.

Today, he let us know what Them Boys have been up to in a Status Update.

Clark’s work is always so clean, with exactly the amount of detail necessary for maximum impact. If you had never seen Reginald, Beartato, and Harrison before, you would know exactly who each of them is — and at least 87% of their respective deals — from these four panels. Dare we hope that we will get more of Them Boys in the near future? We already know that Clark’s BACK partner, KC Green, is working on Pinocchio again, as he approached the end of Collodi’s very weird story.

And hopefully, we’ll see them working together again in the near future, because Clark + Green = Magic. Go pick out any of their individual or combined projects and start from the beginning and don’t stop clicking until you hit the end.

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