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Really Should Have Spent Some Of The Long Weekend Pruning Spam

There was a lot of it built up in the filters. Two brief items for you today:

  • Readers of this page know that we at Fleen are big fans of Oh Joy, Sex Toy by Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan; it’s by varying degrees educational, hot, informative, hot, funny, hot, an invaluable resource for people learning to be better partners and better human, and also super hot. My favorite part of OJST is all of it, but my favorite favorite part is the small gags that Moen and Nolan toss in almost at random.

    Case in point: throughout the going-on-a-decade history of OJST, Cartoon Erika and/or Cartoon Matt will show up to the side of a scene featuring Masturbateers to transition from the narrative part of a strip to the informative part. Nobody ever questions it (or the fact that CM and CE may not be regular human size, or in the weirdest possible locales) until today. That bit from today’s strip¹ quoted up above? How long has she been there?! left me giggling out loud. Well done, Matt and Erika. Well done.

  • Readers of this page also know that Ryan Estrada is possibly the most multi-hyphenated creator in all of webcomics, and one of the things that we at Fleen admire most about him is his inescapable drive to make the world better. When he sees something wrong or stupid going on, he is not one to let that shit slide:

    Terrible new laws are banning too many teachers from teaching about race, sexuality, or queerness. Teachers have long had to teach the past to say things they cannot say about the future. Sadly, that has not changed.

    In the 80s, Hyun Sook and friends were banned from reading Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? because the Chun regime confused kids book author Bill Martin Jr. with socialist author Bill Martin.

    The Texas Board of Education did the exact same thing in 2010.

    History repeats.

    If any teachers want to say something to their class that they are not allowed to say, feel free to invite us to do a free virtual author visit and we’ll say it and then you can be like “MY WORD! Those uncouth authors! I had no idea they would say that!” We’ll cover for you.

    Estrada’s been willing to take on terrible people doing terrible things (including telling the story of one person targeted by terrible people at Oh Joy, Sex Toy) even in the face of a legal system that sides with terrible people, so he’s serious now:

    This was a joke until halfway through the tweet when I decided I would legit do it for any teachers who asked. These laws keeping teachers from teaching make me livid.

    Teachers looking to get around gag laws can contact Estrada via the email link at his website.

Spam of the day:

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If I didn’t think you were full of shit, I certainly know of some MRA and white supremacy sites that could use some trashing.

¹ Which is on dirty talk, but like 90% of OJST is really about communicating with your partner. Erika and Matt are so good about wanting your communication skills to level up, I almost can’t stand it. They seriously deserve one of those MacArthur Fellowships for what they’re doing.

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