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It’s The Time Of National Holidays …

… and with a long-delayed reckoning on the horrors of colonization and settler states, I’m not sure that Happy {Canada | Independence} Day is in any way warranted. We’re probably well past the point where maybe we should just say Yeah, okay, day off work and no mail today and avoid the rah-rah celebration that always had a foundation of We’re the best, fairest, most awesome people ever and not looking behind the curtain that’s in front of the people whose land we’re on¹.

So if you’ve got today off, or Monday, maybe join me in some of that reflection. We can talk webcomics another day.

Spam of the day:
Nah. They don’t get today.

¹ In my case, the Lenape. They were the other party in the first written treaty the United States ever entered into, which it should not surprise you to discover did not last.

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