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Punting Until Tomorrow

Got someplace to be in a short while, and this book review isn’t coming together just yet. Give me 24 hours and I think I’ll have my thoughts organized.

PS: Check Please, Year 4 Kickstart? McDonald Ratio says (72271 + 136106 + 37783) * 3 = US$738,480. Phew!

Spam of the day:

A new study from Harvard Scientists has revealed that ONE of the following foods is linked to combating Alzheimer’ s and dementia. Can you guess which it is? 1. Red wine 2. Fish 3. Avocados 4. Clams

This one restaurant my wife and I used to go to when we lived in another town had a fried clams entree that wasn’t called Clams or Fried Clams in the menu, it was called Clams, Clams, Clams! (with the exclamation) and since we moved away, I haven’t had clams at all, I think. So I hope the answer is #4 clams, I’ll go back and get some Clams, Clams, Clams!

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