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We all know that David Malki ! is a busy man, with his hands in many pies and all that project-juggling rendered the more difficult by the pandemic. So much so that he’s only managed a handful of comic strips in the past half year.

Today, we found out some of what he’s been up to:

I’ve spent the past six months making a new party game.

Or, if you prefer the Twitter version:

OK. So what is TBH? Why is it “my new game”?

I’ve been working with for a while now. Cut makes social videos that are about connection and authenticity and awkwardness. My mission was (and is) to explore that concept in the field of gameplay.

Which sounds like one of the most Malkidian things you could possibly come up with, honestly. It involves asking the play group Yes/No questions that describe vaguely unhinged dilemmas, which you then embellish until you’ve described a completely unique situation and have to decide: Would you do this? And to get points and possibly win, you must also decide: Which of the other players would and which would not do this? You will, to summarize the how-to-play video, you will learn a disturbing amount about yourself and your friends.

Here’s a sample round that involves the Queen of England and also your butthole. It’s … honestly, it’s exactly the sort of thing I expected, once I learned that Sara McHenry was part of the writing staff, given the stellar work she did for Clickhole; readers will recall that McHenry is also a big part of why Make That Thing has successfully shepherded so many crowdfundings, and is on board with TBH as Project Manager, so that’s all right.

Not sure you want to drop the cash on the game? They made an online version you can play for free, so fire up the videochat and grab some friends. If you have fun, there’s more to be had, from some damn creative people that you already know. As of this writing, TBH is 60% funded after about 48 hours, and I make no predictions about how high it will go, as the Fleen Funding Formula Mark II was designed to describe webcomics projects, and games projects have their own math. Seems pretty likely they fund, though.

Spam of the day:

Hey! I’m an aspiring porn actress. If you want to check it out, register here — [link redacted] I’m there Jane Deep Throat ;)

Jane (or should I call you Ms Throat?), please don’t call yourself aspiring. If you made porn, you’re a porn actress. We’re all about boosting confidence here at Fleen.

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