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Are You F’ing Kidding Me

We at Fleen mentioned a short while back that Comic Con International had declare SDCC 2021 to be virtual, and that a shortened version of the con would happen in November.

Over the weekend they posted this:
San Diego — San Diego Comic Convention today announced dates for their November convention. Comic-Con Special Edition will be held as a three-day event over Thanksgiving weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, November 26-28, 2021 at the San Diego Convention Center. It is our hope that by Fall conditions will permit larger public gatherings.

That from the front page of CCI, which does not feature permalinks to their announcements, so it may be gone at whatever time you go to the page. Regardless of the ephemeral nature of the announcement (and more on that in a moment), you have to be wondering exactly how high whoever thought this was a good idea was at the time. Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday, everybody that was responsible didn’t gather with their family last November and is not going to skip a second year, and it is the busiest travel weekend of the year.

I had been waiting for the dates to weigh if maybe it was worth going out to cover the return of SDCC, but this? No. Even in a truncated, weekend-only format, the stunning lack of recognition that it will be difficult and expensive to travel or obtain lodging, and that every exhibitor will not only have to forgo their own Thanksgiving, but to handle the cross-country logistics in one of the busiest weeks of the year?

CCI seems to have heard the blowback, as their front page presently has the announcement pushed down by a more recent posting, justifying their decision:

When reviewing dates for an in-person event, it was clear that available meeting and exhibit space would limit our options. Of the dates presented with the fewest restrictions, Friday through Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend seemed to be the best balance of available space and our envisioned event. As longtime fans ourselves, we have attended many conventions over that holiday weekend, opting to spend Thanksgiving day with family and the rest of the weekend with friends and our families of choice. [emphasis mine]

You know what? Good for you. But that presumes you can see family and then travel locally enough to attend a con that weekend. But this would require vendors to show up on Thursday (or Wednesday, or earlier given the competition for travel) to be ready to go on Friday. A local show is not the same as one that — despite protestations to the contrary — will be expected to provide a national- (or even international) scope show, in term of attendees and exhibitors/guests.

While this is not unusual in the convention trade, we understand this choice is not optimal for everyone.

Damn right it’s not optimal. And I can’t think of a single creator that, in the words of Wonderella, would choose you over grandma’s sweet potatoes. This ain’t it, CCI. You absolutely did the right thing canceling in-person SDCC for July. Expecting anybody to show up to exhibit at what you’re now describing as never intended to be the large gathering reflective of the summer event — with monumentally higher travel costs and time commitments, and presumably far fewer fans to make back their costs from — is simply folly.

Time to admit it was a stupid idea and cut it loose before too many people try to make travel arrangements that they’ll have to cancel later. The only way this makes sense is if you pitch it as Hey, San Diego people who’ve never seen the inside of Con before! This one is for you! and turn it into a community-first event.

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