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This Is Going To Cause A Certain Class Of People To Break The Internet

After all, there are only so many Shut up and take my money and Just hook it to my veins GIFs that can be posted per second before the lasers that make modern communications infrastructure work start to malfunction and murder random passersby.

And if the source of such money/veins declarations were, say, luxuriously packaged, associated with a wildly popular webcomic, and in a limited edition? Well, that’s just a dangerous situation all around. I speak, naturally, of this:

Friends, what better way could there be to drink illicit hooch from that Lackadaisy Speakeasy (or, if you prefer, straight maple syrup) than from custom-made Lackadaisy shot glasses?

After months of careful product design and sourcing, they’re finally on their way!

Iron Circus Comics is producing an animated short for Tracy Butler’s manic masterpiece, Lackadaisy! And as part of one of that project’s stretch goals, we’ve commissioned a limited, one-time run of Lackadaisy-Speakeasy-themed shot glasses! Each one is emblazoned with the Lackadaisy club logo in gold foil, and they come four-to-a-set in a gorgeous, partitioned wooden crate, oh-so-sneakily labeled as Algid brand “embalming fluid” in case the local coppers get nosy.

Only 1,000 of these sets will be made, and they’re designed and manufactured in accordance with American and international food safety standards. Scheduled to hit American shores in late spring or early summer, but available for pre-order now!

That from the email sent to we at Fleen by C Spike Trotman of Iron Circus and I gotta say, that’s a lot of character for a sales pitch email. For those that didn’t get into the minutiae of the Lackadaisy animated short Kickstart last year, getting the shot glasses made was a US$135K stretch goal¹, and they’ve been through design and sourcing for much of the past year.

Personally, the squared-off design makes them look a bit like a whisky glass², and given the fact that a souvenir-type shot glass will typically run you about ten bucks, a set of four with that gorgeous box is more than fair at US$45. Backers got first crack at the glasses on Tuesday, the general announcement went out today, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the pre-orders are largely spoken for by tomorrow³. I’d say that if you have any interest, you want to get in on the offer now.

Spam of the day:

We greet you !!! If you are interested in a full-time job or a part-time job on the Internet, then we can offer you our way of earning money. Now we provide access to our service, which makes it possible to earn from 20 to 30 thousand rubles a month.

I don’t know if I’m more impressed that you’re trying to entice me with the equivalent of US$268 to US$408 for a month’s full-time work, or the fact that you sent your Russian-language spam in actual Comic Sans. Who knew that the evil transcended the Latin alphabet?

¹ The project had a base goal of US$85K, and ultimately raised US$330K.

² And in the hands of a cat-sized person, it’s a super-generous pour, and solid enough to do damage in a bar brawl.

³ Although given the fact that this is going to go like hotcakes, a smart person — and Spike is very smart — would be wise to lay in 500 or so extra glasses, to be sold individually for the next forever without the limited edition trappings.

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