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From The Depths Of Lawn Guy Land

I’ve spent too much of today arguing with my cable company (punctuated by a network glitch about ten minutes ago that has my computer convinced that there is no internet connectivity despite the fact I am typing these words to you), which is actually atypical for me. They’ve been very good as a cable company, but for the past coupla days they’ve been absolute shit as an internet company.

One good dude in the right department (which took me far too long to get to, after multiple false starts), though, so I’m presently awaiting a call back from retention about fixing my problem rather than telling them to get their crap unattached from my house and never darken my doorstep again. Hear that, Cable Company? You get my money because Feraz treated me like a human.

But there are many things on Long Island apart from the historical origin point of my cable/internet provider, some of them good. There’s … oh, the Unprintable Satanist Ritual Killing², that’s good. Jon Rosenberg is from there originally, too. And for our purposes today, the hamlet¹ of Syosset and the library therein.

They’re going to be having an online confab of cartoonists tomorrow evening, 7:30pm EDT, via Zoom. The event goes by the name of Celebrity Drawful, and features Danielle Corsetto, Michelle Ngyuen, Jey Odin, and Shivana Sookdeo. Audience members get to judge which artist does the best job of interpreting ridiculous prompts, and it should be fun for all.

Spam of the day:

We are a marketing provider of the American Bar Association Blueprint. We are offering Law Firms a free no obligation website evaluation.

My dudes, what made you possibly think this is a law firm? I am but one useless man and therefore a disgrace.

¹ This is an actual municipality type in New York state.

² Unprintable because when the news folks went out to the alleged Satanic ritual killing ground, they found a large rock spraypainted with the words SATIN LIVES. Even the depths of Satanic panic, people couldn’t wrap their brains around kids being so misinformed about their alleged Prince Of All Flesh. Hail Satin.

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