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This Should Be My Last Day Of Restricted Hand Usage

Know what will involve little typing and hasn’t been done for a while? Spam roundup!

Spams of the day:

I have a company is a reliable cabinet installers Glendale Az

I might be slightly interested if I lived in Arizona and needed cabinets, but your alleged email address is a modified version of “David Duke” so fuck off.

I like MojoHeadz.

In the immortal words of MC Frontalot’s friend Little Timmy, Okay, dunno know who that is.

I would let you fuck me if you was here

Good to know?

It is very easy to funk up your interior or make a fashionable design.

I have all the funk in my interior design that I require, thanks.

remedies for itching

Unless you have a better way to get to that one spot in the middle of my back I can’t reach with the lotion, you’re not of any use to me.

My good friend Alex was devastated the day her mother nearly died. But she never could have guessed that battling this traumatic experience would cause her mom to suffer from humiliating “pee leaks” for years.

Gotta say, I was not prepared for the downshift from nearly died to excess peeing.

Hi, this is Jenny. I am sending you my intimate photos as I promised

Hi Jenny, or should I say “Brole”, when I run you tinyurl through a link expander, it sets off all these alarms and flashing lights that say NO. Is it supposed to do that?

This E-mail lottery was sponsored by International software organization, Your e-mail address was attached to the lucky number that was how your E-mail won the lump sum amount.

Are you the person that teaches conversational English to the guy that’s always calling and tells me This is call from IRS Internal REvenue Service, you are arrested as fraud? And yes, he somehow always pronounces REvenue with an extra capital letter.

Get discounts on prescriptions and other expenses with your Medicare Plus* Card

Godsdammit, how many of you idiots do I have to tell that you have to wait another 15 years before you try to Medicare scam me. I’m not old enough for Medicare yet!

Okay, hopefully that will keep the spammers happy for a bit (47 spams collected since yesterday’s post, 3 since I started this post).

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