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Last Week Was A Wash

And the start of this week will largely be the same, sorry. Ortho doc says no lasting damage and doesn’t need to see me again, but I have to go easy on my right hand/wrist so I’m cutting down typing for another day or two. Network is back, snow is largely gone, EMS work turned out better than I expected, so that’s all right.

But I can’t bear to give you nothing today, so please enjoy Gemma Correll’s contribution at The Nib today, which had me laughing so hard I woke up my dog, who was snoozing behind me¹. For that matter, Maki Naro has a great piece up as well on the mutations/new strains of COVID-19 that is as neat a piece of science comicking as I’ve seen this year so far.

Spam of the day:

A new study from Harvard Scientists has revealed that ONE of the following foods is linked to combating Alzheimer’ s and dementia. Can you guess which it is? 1. Red wine 2. Fish 3. Avocados 4. Clams

One of those is a singular food, one is booze, and two are broad animal classifications with almost limitless species variations. I’m going to guess 5. You guys are full of shit.

¹ This is half faithful hound routine (particularly considering she tends to keep spindly legs and/or tail right behind the casters of my office chair, a position of extreme hazard) and half recognition of the fact that one of the heating ducts runs directly under the floor of my office right behind my chair and thus it’s a warm spot for napping. She wags hi, by the way.

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