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I Was Going To Title This Post Ow But I Did That Seven Days Ago And What The Hell

So the thing is, when you (and by you I really mean me) were due to go to the dentist in March of 2020 for your half-yearly cleaning and didn’t because pandemic, and then you decide to not go until it’s safe, and furthermore you don’t get a second vaccination until February 2021, nearly a full year after you were supposed to go in and about 18 months since you were last in the dentist chair?

Yeah, that routine cleaning hurts, no matter how good your dentist is (and I quite like my dentist¹).

So tooth-hurty turned out to be more prescient than I’d figured, and I’m going to lie down for a bit and throb. I swear, if I could have found a way to make this webcomics-related, I would have. See y’all tomorrow.

Spam of the day:

This is not SPAM!

Never in the history of email has that sentence ever been typed and turned out to be accurate. It’s spam. It’s always spam.

¹ Which, given my personal dental history is pretty positive statement.

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