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So, snow to an average depth of pert-near a half-meter [update to add: The National Weather Service declared it officialy 19.7 inches, or 50.038cm, which is almost exactly a half-meter.] up and down a driveway that’s a good 40 meters long. I’m a little tired and need to take a nappy-nap before I go on EMS duty tonight¹. Maybe go look at some Hourly Comics from yesterday? Abby Howard’s were good.

Spam of the day:

{Re:{ – How are these prices possible? Facebook 1000 post likes.|100 facebook followers for, inside.|1000 post likes for, inside.|50 comments for, inside.|50 facebook shares for, inside.|500 Instagram followers for, inside.|4000 likes to photos, inside.|4.000 real views for, inside.|200 subscribers for, inside.|14.000 Unique Visitors for, inside.|500 Instagram likes for, have arrived!|100 facebook followers for, have arrived!|1000 post likes for, have arrived!|50 comments for, have arrived!|50 facebook shares for, have arrived!|4000 likes to photos for, have arrived!|4.000 real views for, have arrived!|200 subscribers for, have arrived!|14.000 Unique Visitors for, have arrived!}

I’ve had value merge failures on the bodies of spam before, but this is the first one on the subject line. Pick one fake social media followers scam and stick with it, please.

¹ Fun fact: people don’t call 911 during the weather event. They wait six or seven hours after it’s done and then pile up all the 911 calls that they didn’t make. This event was 30 hours long. Gonna be a fun night.

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