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Sometimes, though you’d be forgiven for thinking me loathe to admit it, there are things bigger than webcomics. I just listened to hours of mendacious bullshit coming out of the noise-holes of dozens of people who think anybody not exactly like them should not have a say in our society, and in the end their object of worship was held to account anyway.

Ten Republican members of the House voted to forward the article of impeachment to the Senate, which officially makes this the most bipartisan impeachment ever. Who knows what happens now, or how we begin to extricate this malignant growth from the nation — which is only personified in its ultimate end state in Donald Trump, not solely composed of him — and begin to undo the damage of the last four years and the last 400.

But on this momentous, knife-edge day that has been sadly foreseeable since forever, I suppose we should all do our best to preserve our thoughts on what’s happened so that future generations may know what it was like. To that end, allow me to say:

Donald Trump, it’s my fondest wish that you and your entire wannabe-mobster family¹ and all your fascist collaborators and enablers die in prison where you just might have enough self-awareness to understand how loathed you are, but I kinda doubt it. Eat me.

And although I believe I’ve done a good job of communicating what the political position of this page has been, and my readers have been remarkably non-assholish over the years, if you find yourself shocked!, offended! and, shocked some more!!!, door’s over there. Ain’t nobody forcing you to stay.

Spam of the day:

mRNA vaccine by Moderna contains *Luciferin* dissolved with *66.6* ml of distilled *phosphate* buffer solution. You can fact check this by going directedly to the link down below that goes to google patents. You will see the patent has been filed by moderna on the right hand column. When you download the pdf, press ctrl + f on your keyword and look up the word “luciferin” which pops up 5 times in the document. Also search up the word “luciferase” in which that word pops up 59 times

Luciferin and luciferase are the chemicals that make firefly butts light up, you credulous fuckwit. You can eat me, too.

¹ I sincerely hope that Barron grows up to be like his cousin Mary, and escapes the enormous toxicity he’s been bathed in since birth. None of this was your fault, kid, and biology is not destiny.

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