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New Year, Same World

Hello to all Fleensters figuring I’d be back yesterday. I intended to (just as I intended to write more today), but something came up that’s been taking up my time. Without going into too much detail, I’ve been spending a lot of hours on making arrangements for the members of my EMS agency to receive the COVID vaccine (we’re CDC tier 1A, it’s 3 weeks into distribution, and our first shot happened yesterday¹).

So I should be a bit more free² starting tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

¹ The planing at the federal level — where resources actually exist — was essentially zero. They threw a bunch of vials at the states at random times and in unknown amounts and said Figure it out!

Also, why the fuck are we paying CVS and Walgreens to distribute vaccines into congregate living spaces when we have the national Public Health Service who are designed to do exactly this in coordination with FEMA and military resources? Fifteen days until people that value competency return to control of the national government.

² Not to mention nursing a sore arm from receiving my first dose of the Moderna vaccine in a couple of hours. It’s the Dolly shot!

I can’t think of a better reason that would cause you to unexpectedly bail on your pseudojournalistic duties. Go train your immune system and show this virus who’s boss!

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